A few years ago, I quit my day job, sold all of my stuff, got a big angry dirt bike and left Chicago with a camera, laptop and all the fun camping gear. I was hoping to see what the motorcycle vagabond lifestyle was like. Here's my story...

Some prints are available on Etsy. It's currently an experiment so there's not many online now, and there's dozens more to add in the near future, but I hope to people find them great additions to their home or office. If you see a picture you'd like as a print, please contact me and it will be done. Members of ADVRider who buy a print, send me a message on the forum, and I'll mail you a thank you post card! Or, don't buy a print and just send me message with some love or hate, and I might send you on anyways! 

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In "A Gimp Goes Forth", I return to the motorcycle after recovering from a badly broken ankle. My mission is to get to South Dakota and obtain residency there.

My trip didn't go straightforward as planned.

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