Food for Thought - Anywhereness

Fear is the mind killer.

Generally, besides piles of debt and little mouths to feed, fear is what keeps people from pushing their boundaries. Whether it be traveling, starting a business, going to school... you name it.
But, on those outer edges of fear, where your comfort zone ends and new unimaginable things can come to pass is where life truly is lived. Anyone can work a regular job, pay down a mortgage and live a life of apathetic comfort that offers little in the way of challenges but much in the way of routine and security.
It's not that it takes a special type of someone to get over their fear of exiting the comfort zone, it takes a special mindset, but one that anyone could cultivate. It's a mindset that isn't satisfied without growing as an individual, will not accept creature comforts and the illusion of security at face value, and definitely will not allow false fear to rule their life.
It's the process of growing into this mindset that's hard and scary, because in this culture we're raised to believe that owning a house, putting a ring on your finger and having a dog or maybe some children is "the dream" you are supposed to have. Anyone who challenges that specific dream is an outsider, and doesn't belong. Maybe you're not afraid of the actual change in physical location or language, but instead just fear challenging that a long-held cultural bias. Challenging any cultural bias as looked upon as taboo, but really what does that particular bias for a dream gain you as an individual?
Maybe then you as a person are not scared at all, it's the echo of society in your mind that's afraid.
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